The Music of Business – a new Music Thinking Book

Music Thinking Books

There are loads of books on business and there are more and more books that take music  as a starting point for inspiration, strategy, change or innovation. Here is a new Rock ‘n’ Roll Music Thinking Book by Peter Cook:

‘The Music of Business’

Cook is the author of ‘Best Practice Creativity’, ‘Sex, Leadership and Rock’n’Roll’ and ‘Punk Rock People Management’, acclaimed by Professor Charles Handy and Tom Peters. Peter mixes up business ideas with music in a heady cocktail that reaches the parts that other business writers do not dare to touch.

The new book, entitled “The Music of Business” is endorsed by Harvey Goldsmith. Topics include:

  • What can hard rock groups such as Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Spinal Tap teach you about business strategy and project execution that the MBA cannot?
  • What can you learn about creativity and innovation from The Beatles and David Bowie?
  • What can Lady Gaga teach you about business strategy and using social media to build a powerful, durable and sustainable brand in a complex and ever changing world?
  • Can Britney Spears, Take That and The Kaiser Chiefs help you become a true learning company?
  • Can Jazz and structured improvisation help you succeed in a complex and changing business world?

The Music of Business by Peter Cook

If you think about buying the book I suggest to do this on 31 1 13, you will get a special discount.

Peter also tries to top the established amazon charts with this independent published book and this works only if a lot of purchases are done in a very short time: nice tip! Let’s do it!

2 responses to “The Music of Business – a new Music Thinking Book

  1. Thank you kindly for this post – All the best to you – King of Music Thinking!

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