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Social Media and Sales – great Lesson from Gary Vaynerchuk

Years ago on e-day I had the pleasure to see a talk of Gary Vee. If you have ever seen Gary Vee or not, if you are in marketing, sales or any other business you should at least see this guy once. Here is a (one year old) talk he did at Inc 500 – it is amazing and funny. Don’t skip the last few minutes, the Q&A and the end is also really worth all your time.

Here are the things he is mentioning, but you better watch the whole 1 hour.

  • social media, ROI, it’s a race, it’s a branding race, it’s s a context race
  • Most of us are acting like a 19 year old dude, trying to close on the first transaction
  • It is all about long term value, not about the spend you get right now.
  • Marketing is like a cocktail party, everyone is in play …
  • Thank You Department (the offense) vs. Customer Service (the defense)
  • We call every single customer who places an order and thank them – and that’s it!
  • how much thank you economy stuff are you doing with your people?
  • NFC near fiels communication
  • we are extraverts, even if we are introverted
  • this social media game is not about talking: you need to wire your mouth shut and start using your ears. Because that is the game in play.
  • Word of mouth is the currency and now we have the infrastructure
  • we are in the eyeballs and ear business
  • go to twitter search instead of google search to see what your experience is like
  • retention is the game, life time value is the game.
  • What is the real ROI of social media, what’s the ROI of your mother?
  • The ROI of my mother is everything, I can’t show you in data the ROI of my mother but i promise you it is all of it.
  • really go deep emotionaly with your customer base – they should be your best friends
  • map your entire consumer base
  • push that human element