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There are a lot of possibilities, tools and methodologies while working on your business model, online strategy, service design or ideation project. Here are some nice tools and online platforms for inspiration or to help you get started:

  • Business Design tools:  www.businessdesigntools.com The design of a business is divided in 6 Phases where Designers, Clients and Customers should collaborate together in order to develop product/services that really address customers needs. The 6 Phases are: frame, explore, ideate, strategy, co-design, delivery.
  • The Company Real Score  is a collection of business tools and instruments to map and visualize your brand. It is a collection of core elements for orchestrating and conducting ‘brand minded and people centered’ innovations.
    Before you start with Customer journey mapping or Business Model Generation it is helpful to map your identity, the critical success factors and the paradoxes or wicked problems. This will give you more focus what best suits to your brand and inspires innovation and creativity. More info and the download of the poster: here!
  • Business Model Generation:  www.businessmodelgeneration.com This is also a fantastic book and an iPad app is in development. In the meantime you can use the PDF download of the canvas and a nice presentation with the basic items to make a start.
  • Service Design Tools:  www.servicedesigntools.org This website is the result of the research activity done by Roberta Tassi during her graduation thesis. Service Design Tools is conceived as an open platform of knowledge, to be shared with the design research community.
  • Persona Core Poster Companies have a growing number of data and research material from different sources that gives detailed information about what a consumer thinks, does or wants. But teams need a simple instrument to make better, integrated and quicker decisions based on the valuable data.
    If you want to innovate and create viable and relevant value propositions, you should start to ‘look with your customers eyes’. More info and download of the poster: here!
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