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How will we live at home in the near future?

There is a new report by PSFK about trends that are directly influencing the future of urban life. Future of Home Living.


This report looks at key trends that are shaping the living experience of tomorrow (most of them are already there today). It describes how design and connected technology are driving adaptive living and an on-demand lifestyle, and making home a place of personal equilibrium.

The report is organized in: 3 macro themes: Adaptive, On-Demand and Equilibrium and key trends, that are more or less in the very near future: 

  1. Reconfigurable Furniture
  2. Resource Furniture
  3. Pop-Out Design
  4. Lightscaping
  5. Responsive Systems
  6. On-Demand
  7. Guided Discovery
  8. Community Outsourcing
  9. Make it Yourself
  10. Entertainment Cloud
  11. Equilibrium
  12. Home Farming
  13. Hushed Interiors
  14. Quantified Lifestyle
  15. Resourceful Design

In a summary presentation all key trends that are directly influencing the future of urban life are presented. Each trend has been brought to life through a mix of products and services, many of which you could purchase and use today.
The 75 page PDF costs $150.