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Sound experience of 2 times 9 saxophones

The new CD of Raum-Musik für Saxophone has arrived: DOUBLES

Five years ago in spring 2005 I had the idea of a triple concert:
1. a ‘normal’ concert with single microphones attached to each saxophone plus ambient microphones to record the special acoustics of the different rooms of the venue. The single tracks per saxophone could be used for concert nr. 3 and the ambient mocrophones for concert nr. 2
2. a live concert with a loudspeaker orchestra where the registration (or parts of it) from the first concert were diffused via a loudspeaker orchestra and where the 9 saxophones would interact live with the material from the first concert and with each other.
3.  a live diffusion concert of 9 saxophone tracks (single tracks recorded during one of the concerts) via 9 iPods and 9 dedicated loudspeakers. So there would be 9 players, everyone with a single iPod and a single speaker. All the 9 players would play together in the concert (going backward and forward on the single saxophone track like a Ipod DJ). You would hear 9 saxophones improvising together with original material from one of the saxophones, but no saxophone would be seen. The iPod would be the actual instrument.

The new CD of Raum-Musik für Saxophone DOUBLES is the recording of the second concert (with material from the first), a live improvisation between 9 saxophones in the room and 9 saxophones via 40 speakers of the concert the day before. There were 140 people in the audience. You hear the following saxophones: bass, baritone, tenor, alto, soprano and sopranino.

I hope we can perform one day the third part to make it finally TRIPLES. Here are two pictures of the 12 page booklet I designed, the CD will be available via the RMfS website or RMfS facebook page. All pictures are taken by our friend Irmtrud Saarbourg.


Christof Zürn

Download:   CREATIVE COMPANION Fact sheet