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10 more Quotes from the Big World of Music for the Rest of the World – Music Thinking Quotes Vol. 2

This is volume 2 of Music Thinking Quotes.

For quite some time I am collecting quotes that have a connection with what I call Music Thinking (more about Music Thinking click here).
At the same time I am working on a more systematic way to collect and combine music thinking principles. I am working now with 6 principles of music thinking: agility, empathy, personality, jammin’, score and remix.
More about that in a later post. (still has to come 😉

Here are 10 more quotes of more or less famous people with a music thinking connection. Hope you like it.

You can also find the presentation on SlideShare (download enabled).

Quality, innovation, collaboration, inspiration. Have a look into 1959.

How inspiring is it to look backwards? It depends on what you are looking for. If you have some time and you want to relax, have a look into the year 1959. For me it is a lesson in starting things up, quality, innovation, collaboration and for sure inspiration.

America was on the brink of great social and political change. Integration, Vietnam, the Cuban Missile Crisis — they were all coming around the bend, and sometimes figures like Mingus and Coleman commented musically on these events. But it was also a pivotal year for jazz. Musicians started moving away from bebop, exploring new, experimental forms and collaborations. Four absolutely masterpieces were recorded that year: 

If you (don’t) like Jazz you should watch this approx. 60 minutes documentary:  1959: The Year that Changed Jazz. And if you want you can see the musicians as coworkers, the albums as projects or start ups, enjoy!