Design Thinking meets Music Thinking

What a pleasure to watch this video of Nigel Stanford. It is a nice way to show music and technology, but also for me a personal connection (one of the many) of Music Thinking and Design Thinking.

Why? The video is supported by two companies. Sennheiser the (high end) headphone company and KUKA the company that has the most versatile robots. This year I facilitated for both companies design thinking workshops; for Sennheiser a 3 day design jam about young sound lovers in the Design Thinking Center and for Kuka a 4 day design sprint in their headquarter in Augsburg. Great to see them connected.


BTW: as we speak I am planning for both companies follow up activities 😉

Mmm, I did not yet collaborate with Nigel Stanford, anyone an idea how to connect? 😉

Let me know @ChristofZuern

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