Connecting the dots in many colors – Epiphany 2017

As my friends know I am not sending christmas cards or new years wishes. The last weeks I heard more often ‘looking forward to your epiphany wishes’ –  my tradition to do a mailing on the 6th of January raises some expectations. 

So, here it is:


Today is Epiphany day – the 12th and last day of Christmas. For me it is also the day of changing perspective – a magic pivot. The holiday season is over and we can focus on the coming year.  A good moment to wish you many Epiphanies in 2017!
Epiphany is not only the last day of christmas, but also stands for an experience of sudden and striking realization. The word epiphany originally referred to insight through the divine.
Today, this concept is used much more often also without such connotations, but a popular implication remains that the epiphany is supernatural, as the discovery seems to come suddenly from the outside. More on this see below (‘A collection of different meanings of Epiphany’).

Connecting the dots in many colors

The last year was colorful in many ways and there were some moments where things were changing very quickly because ‘the last piece of the puzzle’ revealed the whole picture. On the epiphany card this year I am using two logos: CREATIVE COMPANION  and Design Thinking Center.
When beginning of the year a friend sent me an email with a link to a job and the remark ‘I think this is something for you’, I did not realize what impact this could have one year later. I started as Chief Design Officer at the Design Thinking Center, but also kept working as CREATIVE COMPANION for clients like the dutch judiciary, nationale nederlanden, coca cola hellenic, council of dubai, ING (in cooperation with the Design Thinkers Academy) and others .

The Design Thinking Center is an initiative of the We Accelerate People Group and a certified B-Corporation with the guiding principle ‘designing business as a force for good’.
During the year we realized in many situations that CREATIVE COMPANION and Design Thinking Center are a perfect match and we decided at the end of the year to join forces and merge the two initiatives. If you read this on the 6th of January 2017 it could be that just in this very moment of time we are signing the official partnership and CREATIVE COMPANION will be a part of the Design Thinking Center with myself as managing partner.


The picture above is taken on a cloudy cold december day where a group of about 20 people from our sustainability partner Plastic Whale and the We Accelerate People Group came together to sort more than 20.000 PET bottles collected by Plastic Whale in the last month. The caps of the bottles had to be removed and collected (imagine the sickening smell), the rest of the bottles sorted and packet for recycling into plastic material that were used to build a boat for the Design Thinking Center.
So this picture is symbol for connecting all the dots of sustainability, Design Thinking and  Creative Companionship.

So nothing will change, but all the dots are connected ;- )

have a great year
Christof Zürn


A collection of different meanings of Epiphany:

  • EPIPHANY is the sudden realization or comprehension of the (larger) essence or meaning of something.
  • PHILOSOPHICAL meaning: having found the last piece of the puzzle and suddenly seeing the whole picture.
  • ARCHIMEDES Eureka! I found it!
  • EINSTEIN was struck as a young child by being given a compass, and realizing that some unseen force in space was making it move.
  • DARWIN An example of a flash of holistic understanding in a prepared mind was Charles Darwin’s “hunch” (about natural selection) during The Voyage of the Beagle.
  • JAMES JOYCE Referring to those times in his life when something became manifest, a deep realization, he would then attempt to write this epiphanic realization in a fragment. Joyce also used epiphany as a literary device within each short story of his collection Dubliners (1914) as his protagonists came to sudden recognitions that changed their view of themselves or their social condition and often sparking a reversal or change of heart.
  • In RELIGION it is used when a person realizes their faith or when they are convinced that an event or happening was really caused by a deity or being of their faith.
  • WESTERN CHRISTIAN Religion: The adoration of the magi, represented as kings, having found Jesus by following a star 12 days after christmas.
  • HINDUISM epiphany might refer to the realization of Arjuna that Krishna (a God serving as his charioteer in the “Bhagavad Gita”) is indeed representing the universe.
  • In ZEN kensho describes the moment, referring to the feeling attendant on realizing the answer to a koan.
  • BUDDHISM Buddha finally realizing the nature of the universe, and thus attaining nirvana.
  • WILLIAM BURROUGHS is talking about a drug-influenced state, a frozen moment when everyone sees what is at the end of the fork (naked lunch).
  • EPIPHANIES is the thirteenth episode of the second season of the reimagined Battlestar Galactica television series.
  • EPIPHANY is a web browser for the GNOME graphical computing desktop.
  • HIERONYMUS BOSCH painted the adoration of the magi around 1495.
  • HOMER SIMPSON has an epiphany, after visiting a strange Inuit shaman, and realizes he has to save the town from Russ Cargill’s plans to destroy Springfield.
  • The last page of THE WIRE magazine with surprising sonic stories about music is called EPIPHANIES.
  • Interesting: if you search for Epiphanies or Epiphany on TWITTER many people talk about that they (just) had an epiphany, but don’t exactly say what it was.

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  1. I wish you even more Epiphanies in 2017!

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