Time flies

This was definitely not the year of blogging for me. I just realized that this blog was very silence for a long time. Too much happend or with other words, there must have been some higher priorities 😉

What really surprises me is that although I did not post anything since January, there was even more traffic on the blog than last year – cool without doing anything I a had a great reach.


This has to do that there is one post that I did years ago is still on the absolute top list of my blogs. The persona core poster. The poster I designed years ago and offer for free under creative commons. This will be my guide for the near future, to write about relevant things with a practical approach.


The next posts on the list, a fraction of the traffic compared with the persona core poster, is a mix of my Music Thinking and Design Thinking activities: the link between music taste and persona, personas and female mindstyles, five examples of the soundtrack of my life (mental note to myself: I should write a second one with more soundtracks), Darwin performance (my performance activities) and the redesign of the empathy poster, more on persona and design.

So I am confident to write more in the hope that the traffic will not go down. We will see.

Here is a to do list, to write about:

  • Publish my Music Thinking Framework for innovation and change (done!)
  • What is Service Design Thinking?
  • About the Design Thinking Center in Amsterdam
  • How to use personas (and what’s the problem why most of the persona initiatives in companies fail or stay on shallow ground)
  • … wil be continued.

Have a nice day!







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