More shades of white …

After my ‘Many Shades of white’ blog post on epiphany day, I got a lot of nice feedback. Especially ‘white’ as a theme got many positive reactions.

There is a nice link to artist Rutherford Chang‘s collection of the white album by the Beatles. Many media have written about the exhibition and the story behind like: Wired, the BBC and it is also included in the very nice book Dust & Grooves.


There is so much poetry in the collection, story telling and ….

A project of New York and Shanghai-based Rutherford Chang, We Buy White Albums includes nearly 700 copies of the 1968 double-LP first edition of the White Album, all the personal collection of Chang. Each album is marked with a distinct serial number on the bottom corner of the starkly designed cover by Richard Hamilton, a totally white cover that’s readily attracted the wandering drawings of (possibly stoned) listeners, the visible stains of coffee cups, and some mold.



A muscial example

What happens when you take 100 different copies of a Beatles White Album first pressing vinyl record and lay them on top of each other?
Artist Rutherford Chang, who collects only first pressing White Albums has the answer.
Here is a work in progress, part of his exhibition “We Buy White Albums” at Recess Gallery, NYC.


Rutherford’s collection is documented on the vinyl website Dust & Grooves.
Read the full interview with Rutherford


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