Complexity meets simplicity – the executive app by nibesvv


Today I had the pleasure to be at the launch of a new iPad app from my client NIBE-SVV the  knowledge institute and publisher for the Dutch banking, insurance and investment industry.

The executive app is a unique personalized app for top executives, decision makers and internal supervisors in the dutch financial world. The app is a mix of an e-learning tool, up-to-date information service and expert contact center. You can book events, make knowledge tests and prepare notes  for a meeting.

All the complexity of the ‘modern financial world’ is organized in a simple but appealing designed interface with the focus on  information needs and behaviour patterns of a time short executive.

the executive app (screenshot0

The Executive App by NIBE-SVV Executive Academy (screenshot)

View a PDF with short description and availability (dutch)
more information can be found on:

Acting as ‘human interface’ between company and agencies I worked as creative companion for strategy, design and development. Coaching in a start-up situation, mobile agency selection, concepting and co-creation on learning model, interaction design and visual design.

–Christof Zürn

One response to “Complexity meets simplicity – the executive app by nibesvv

  1. Hierbij laat ik jullie graag weten dat The Executive App meedingt naar een van de Accenture Innovation Awards 2013.

    Met de Innovation Awards wil Accenture bedrijven die uitzonderlijke innovatieve prestaties leveren de erkenning geven die ze verdienen. Daarnaast brengt het evenement in kaart hoe het ervoor staat met innovatie in Nederland. Tijdens het evenement kunnen verschillende juryprijzen en een publieksprijs worden gewonnen.

    Natuurlijk hopen wij dat The Executive App de publieksprijs in de wacht kan slepen. Hier hebben we zoveel mogelijk stemmen voor nodig.

    Wil jij The Executive App aan de publieksprijs helpen?

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