What is your formula for now?

There is a fantastic book by curator Hans Ulrich Obrist with a lot of answers to the simple question: what is your formula for now?

In elegant simplicity you find the crystallization of a potentially complex idea into a single equation. You can use it a s a source for formulating your basic principles, your secret recipe, use it just as a briefing for your next project or just take it for your inspiration.
The book is dedicated to composer Karlheinz Stockhausen and artist Julius Koller both died 2007. The one page formula of Stockhausen’s 29 hour-opera LICHT:

Superformel aus LICHT

The secret formula on how to become a genius by Marina Abramovic:

1 tablespoon of talent
5 drops of popularity
1 drop of luck
10 kilograms of discipline
6 glasses of self-sacrifice
3 grams of spirituality

Here some more examples by Stewart Brand, Fischli + Weiss, Simryn Gill, Albert Hofmann (LSD).

Link to amazon.com: Hans Ulrich Obrist: Formulas For Now

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