Service design and infographics

I am a big fan of infographics and it seems that in the last months more and more visualisations of strategy or services are produced. There is a very nice article about Creative Derivatives of the London Tube Map originally by Harry Beck in 1931.

Talking about inspiration, who inspired Harry Beck?

I want to share with you my favorite, the medieval card of Peutinger, drawn in 1265 by a monk from Colmar. The card is based on the roman Ptolemaeus (150 a.d.) and is 34 cm high and 6,7 meters long. You can see a copy of the original map at Museum het Valkof in Nijmegen, Netherlands, unfortunately they don’t have an example on their website!  Her is my picture of the heart of the map, with Rome and Carthago: Peutinger Map taken in Museum het Valkhof

See the same section of Rome with the tiny river (this is the Mediterranean sea) and Carthago on the other side on Euratlas for more information and the whole map.

This snapshop with a handwritten note I have taken in Krasnodar, Russia:


2 responses to “Service design and infographics

  1. Hello, I just stumble upon this post and i don’t want to spam but i have posted a high-definition version of this map on my site a few month ago : sadly for you it’s in french but you can translate it whith google, i hope this help.


    Thanks for your comment, french is no problem and it is a infographic anyway, who needs words 😉

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