Creative Companion Manifesto

I was always fascinated about manifestos and the impact of it. Also the struggle and the discussions if you should follow all the thesis or just pick out a few is a big inspiration. Here is mine, I call it the Creative Companion Manifesto

1. You cannot ‘not brand’.
Everything a brand or person does will add up to its identity.
2. Take the big picture.
Be clear about what you are and what you want.
3. Listen to the people.
Don’t do literally what people say, observe their behaviour and translate it.
4. Get to know all the facts.
There never is too much information, only a lack of focus.
5. Everyone is right.
Many people, many perspectives. They may all be right, but not necessarily relevant.
6. Best idea wins.
The best ideas come from individuals, teams can realize them.
7. Experiment while working.
Try things you have never tried before.
8. You are not alone.
Working in a team is fun and helps to understand multiple perspectives.
9. Stick to the concept.
Along the way there are a lot of temptations, go your own way. If they make sense, adapt them.
10. Think like a musician.
Compose, invent, innovate, orchestrate, prepare, communicate, rehearse, improvise, entertain, listen, play, perform – don’t give a damn.

Christof Zürn

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Christof Zürn

Download:   CREATIVE COMPANION Fact sheet

3 responses to “Creative Companion Manifesto

  1. Here is a link to with an impressive list of manifestos

  2. Onderschrijf je manifesto. Vooral de essentie van een focus! En het belang van ‘stick to the concept’. En de juiste weg vinden in verleiden en laten verleiden om verstarring te voorkomen.


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